The Second Gaze – Shelter

A year ago, I walked this path past all these little shelters and something stirred in me.  We were just a week or so into the beginning of our experience of the Covid-19 pandemic and I was walking towards my first day at the prayer labyrinth near my home.  Each of these little shelters is a station of the cross at this Franciscan Sisters of the Poor Center.  We had just shut things down at the congregation I served which included a plan for an interactive community experience of the (mostly) traditional stations of the cross and I was wrestling of how we could continue to help people experience the sheltering love God and of one another in the time to come .  As I walked by each of these, what stirred was taking the stations and turning it into something online.  So over the next few weeks, with the help of some wonderful and amazing colleagues, we “translated” that planned experience into a web-based Stations of the Cross.  It was amazing to see what happened.  During Holy Week of 2020, we had over 10,000 people go through the experience online.  It was beautiful to see the ways that people  were touched and moved by the experience.  So, I wanted to be able to offer the experience to you once again.  It is largely the same as last year but much of what is there is timeless to trying to walk the path that Jesus walked in his final days.  So, I would like to invite you to participate and to take some time between now and Easter to make this journey.  

The Stations of the Cross

Also, there is another new experience that we are working on that will be ready by Palm Sunday…So watch for that next week.  

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