The Second Gaze – People

I know… there aren’t any people in a photo reflecting on people. But here’s the thing – when I saw this the other day, I asked myself “which kind of person am I right now?” 

Am I the rushing, cascading water?  Moving such that I am unable to be reflective because of the state of my mind, heart, and actions?

Am I the slower, deeper, and stiller water that isn’t rushing along but instead more able to reflect what is taking place both within and around me?

Am I at a transition point when I could go either way?

I want to be the reflective but I find myself always being drawn to the rushing water.  It takes practice to stay in the slower water.  

What a difference it would be for us as people to work to be in the slower water.  

Be still before the LORD, and wait patiently for him.  

Psalm 37:7
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