The Second Gaze – Have

I’ve been chewing on this word “have” for several days now.  I really wasn’t sure how to engage with it at first.  There was a quote that I saw on a walk that was an intriguing line that had the word “have” in it but I wasn’t really sure what to do with it.  

What finally settled in with me was when I saw the setting sunlight shining brightly on this one blooming daffodil.  (This photo is edited a good bit to emphasize the flower).   But what it spoke to me was how I can say that I have an eye for beauty and that this is one way that I have been gifted and what I can share in the world.  There was a time that I would have thought a statement like that to be arrogant or prideful but I have come to a place where I can say that not out of arrogance but out of gratitude and from the affirmations of others as well.  

There’s a lot of messages that we absorb that say we aren’t enough, that we don’t have what we need, and so forth.  But the reality is that we each have gifts, each have beauty, each have something to share with the world.  While there is much brokenness and there is sin in the world, at our root, we have to remember that when we were created, God said that we were so very good.  So, you have something to share.  You have beauty.  You have worth.  

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