The Journey of Holy Week – Palm Sunday

I want to invite you to an online experience of Holy Week that I and several colleagues have created. It is a daily “walk through” a prayer labyrinth. If you have never prayed/walked a labyrinth, this is your chance to do so. It is a beautiful meditative and centering practice that, when doing it in person, allows not only an emotional and spiritual experience but also physical one. A prayer labyrinth is not a maze but instead it is a path with a looping walk to the center and then a walk out from the center. What I love about a labyrinth walk is that it feels very much like the spiritual life – at times we feel very close to “the center” (as the labyrinth path spirals close to the center) and at other times we feel further away. But either way we are still on the path.

So, each day of Holy Week, I’ll be sharing a link to the day’s “walk” if you would like to prayerfully walk it as well.

Today is Palm Sunday and the labyrinth is one in downtown Cincinnati at a place called Smale Park. Walking it on Palm Sunday feels very appropriate as the Palm Sunday story tells of Jesus traveling in sight of the city just as this labyrinth is in sight of both Cincinnati and the cities of northern Kentucky.

The Journey of Holy Week – Palm Sunday

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