Praying the Steps for Good Friday

There’s a powerful and beautiful tradition at one of the churches in Cincinnati of “praying the steps.” There’s a long flight of stone steps going up to this church building and people pray the stairs as they go up. I have not been there for the Good Friday practice but have walked the stairs at other times. They canceled it last year as an “official” activity but resumed it this year. Here’s more about the tradition.

Anyway, this morning, I was out walking Scout at the Cincinnati Nature Center and was going up this large flight of wooden steps (I think its like 180 steps or so) and as I was walking up, I thought of the praying-the-steps and decided to use it as my own personal practice today. So as I went up, I took this photo just to capture the moment and when I got home and downloaded the photo, I noticed something on the side. It wasn’t something I arranged, framed, or planned. It was just there.

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