The Easter Labyrinth

As I shared earlier today, this labyrinth at The Springs is probably my favorite labyrinth that I have walked and prayed. A big part of it is that it has been one that I have walked and prayed at several major life change periods in my life. A second part of it is that it is very unusual in the way that one walks it.

The first time I was at The Springs was a retreat at the beginning of my sabbatical in 2015. That three months was absolutely life changing for me in our experience in South Africa and the ways that we are still learning the lessons from that time.

Another time I was there was at the beginning of the period that marked my transition from my previous ministry position to where I am serving now. I had no idea what was next in life and ministry and I had several days at The Springs to simply stop and listen and pray. It was a remarkably uplifting time where I felt God moving in some truly healing ways.

The unique thing about this labyrinth for me is how you walk on the grass rather than on the gravel. Most other labyrinths that I have walked where there is both gravel and grass, the path is the gravel. But here it is the soft, lush, and quiet grass rather than the rough, solid, noisy gravel. That’s where I feel I have experienced something different with this labyrinth than with others. It physically feels like the soft and comforting presence of God. The grass also reflects the season when one is there. During most of the year, the grass is green and lush but when I was last there, it was still in winter dormancy. It felt like the in-between space in which we find ourselves right now. A gravel path is the same regardless of the season.

So, the Lord has spoken to me through this path many time and I am grateful for the care and attention that the caretakers at The Springs give to this space where the holy is so evident and present. And on this Easter day, I give thanks for the new life that this labyrinth has spoken to me many times in the past.

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