Calling Out Your Name

Five years ago, I wrote about a sunrise at the Teddy Roosevelt National Park in North Dakota. I reflected on the awe-some ness of God in that beautiful moment. There must be something about this time of the year as I preached on that same thing in worship this morning along with using the same song today as I listened to five years ago. Calling Out Your Name by Rick Mullins. There is something about that song that continues to have a hold on me- Calling out to the wonder of the One for bigger than anything or anyone else.

The pictures today are the same time yesterday and this morning. One a beautiful sunrise and the other a grey, rainy morning. But both are beautiful and both reflect the power of the creator. Both are in the chorus of the song…

In the east the whole horizon is in flames
I feel thunder in the sky
I see the sky about to rain
And I hear the prairies calling out your name.

So two mornings, two moments fine years apart -all speaking the same truth.

And then here’s the video that I shared for our worship service this morning.  Begins with Everywhere by David Wilcox and then ends with Calling Out Your Name

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