A Blessing for You

Yes, I know same picture as Monday.  But this photo just keeps working in me.   This is what has been stirring for me….A blessing for you

You are this tree.  You are still growing.  You are still reaching.  You are still in need of protection like the wrapping around the trunk of this tree.  But you are strong enough to stand because you are rooted in something far bigger than you.  You are surrounded by others with whom you are connected in this beautiful, crazy world.  

You are also something more.  You may not have angel wings like this tree but you are created in the divine image.  You feel the light of Christ fall upon you and illuminate you.  You are where you need to be when you are in alignment with the light of love and hope that is God.  God reaches out with arms of love, hope, and beauty far wider than can be imagined and surrounds you and surrounds all.  

Through this image of a new day beginning, may you  feel the touch of God’s light  in ways that extend far beyond what is immediately visible and may you extend that light and love to others. 

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