Spiritual Bullies (or The Different Nature of Christian Leadership er…Servantship)

I have no desire to listen to the podcast about the collapse of Mars Hill Seattle and Mark Driscoll as I know enough of the story to know that it would likely frustrate, anger, and annoy me in a major way.  But my good friend Jim Candy shared this blog reflection, not about Mars Hill specifically, but more about the reality of spiritual bullies.  Jim beautifully shares about the fact that Christian leadership is not about power, domination, or control but something far different.  As one who has been on the receiving end of spiritual bullying (and have been pushed to be more of a spiritual bully as a leader)…Jim’s words struck home.

As I read his reflections today, I thought of the leadership team for my college ministry at CU.  The team was not referred to as leadership but instead servantship.  It was a reminder that Christian leaders are about serving, sacrificing, sharing, not receiving, collecting, and boasting.

Take a read what Jim shares.  It is well worth your time and your reflection upon the ways

Three (+1) Reasons for the Rise of Spiritual Bullies

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