Psalm 9 – Infinite Sunrise

I think infinity pools are really awesome.  I have loved photos I have seen of them in exotic places (including a transparent one that overhangs a street in London) but I’ve never been to a place that had one in person.  That is, until about a month ago when I got together with my pastors group for our annual gathering.  I know it isn’t a bit deal in the grand scheme, but it was really cool to just take in the uniqueness of it.  But most of all, I loved this moment early one morning while we were there.  There were no clouds in the sky that morning and it was this stunning purple fading to gold (I was in Washington at the time, so apparently the Creator was a UW Huskies fan).  The colors of the sky were then reflected onto the waters of the lake and also the infinity pool.  It gave this sense of connection from where I stood into the infiniteness of the colors before me.  It is easily one of my favorite photos I have taken in a while.  

When I started listening to the song of Psalm 9, I was entranced by the way that PBH put it together.  It has this ethereal, echoing sense throughout but especially as they repeat the second half of their lyrics…”but the Lord, he sits enthroned… forever… forever… forever.”  As the song progresses, it grows in complexity and beauty – the music growing bolder and the echoes and vocals growing more and more pronounced.  I feel that way about growing in faith – there’s always more. More to understand. More to experience. More to share. More…


Psalm 9 – Poor Bishop Hooper

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