Psalm 11 – Foundation

I’ve been really wrestling with this Psalm. I wasn’t sure what I was hearing in it. It has parts that are really beautiful and encouraging that speak to finding refuge in God and then there is verse 6 which says, “On the wicked he will rain coals of fire and sulfur.” That might be the case – God can do what God wants to do. But it doesn’t do a lot for me to celebrate that in a song. So there’s that.

What I eventually came to came out of PBH’s song and the way that they sang verse 4 –

for the lord is in his holy temple and his throne sits firm in heavens heights

Psalm 11 – Poor Bishop Hooper

Even with the feelings I have about the latter part of this Psalm, I do go back to that truth – no matter what…God’s foundations are strong and firm and unshakeable. In that, I also trust that God’s love and forgiveness are unshakeable and that I hold to that even as I see the wickedness in the world. It doesn’t mean it is an easy hold but I try each day to hold to it and not to fall into a desire for vengeance or hatred.

A few weeks ago, I was walking Scout in our little community and I saw something that maybe has been there a long time or maybe its new. But it is at the base of a wall of one of the older buildings in the “downtown” area. It is this simple carving of the Christian symbol of the fish and the word “Jesus.” That’s my foundation and it is the life and practice and teachings of Jesus that point me to the way to try to live and the foundation upon which I try to build my life.

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