BIAY – Genesis 10 & Matthew 4 – One Drop

Just a short reflection today but I noticed an echo in the genealogy in Genesis 10 and then in the stories in Matthew 4.  In the genealogy it speaks of the way that the descendants of Noah spread out into different areas.  Then in Matthew 4 we have the calling of the first disciples of Jesus and then Jesus ministering to large crowds of people – both of which would spread his story to others.  As I read both of these, I had in my mind the image of a single drop of color dropped in a glass and how it quickly can spread through the whole.  So that’s what I did – took a glass of water,  dropped a single drop of blue color in, and watched it spread.  It took a little bit – I didn’t stir it or anything – simply let it go.  At first, it was all together in a beautiful pattern and then after about 30 minutes, it had gone through the whole.  

While the Genesis story isn’t about sharing faith – it is simply a recounting of nomadic people spreading out, the Matthew ones are.  And I feel like we overcomplicate evangelism – sometimes it is a single drop of love, care, welcome, forgiveness, hope, joy, comfort, or peace that we can share.  And then we can save how that goes far beyond.

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