BIAY – Exodus 15 & Psalm 27 – Water

I love how things sometimes come together.  The last few days’ readings in Exodus have had water as a central part – the Red Sea, the pillar of cloud, and then today the bitter water made sweet (15:22-25), the water at Elim (15:27), and the water from the rock at Meribah (17:1-7).  In each of the stories, water is a sign of God’s presence with them for protection and provision.  Today has also been a very rainy day around here (with freezing rain, sleet, and snow in the next 24-36 hours).  And finally, the theme of my most recent contemplative photography session from Tuesday night was water.  In our group, we shared about what we experience with water – the group shared about peacefulness, renewal, reflection (literal and figurative), and restoration.  It was a beautiful sharing last night of our photos from the last week and of our experiences.  

While water isn’t mentioned in Psalm 27, I can’t help but today to also think of water as I read these words of refuge and protection and provision.  

So, today, I give thanks for the ways that we experience the holy through something as simple as water.   

Below you will also find the video of the photos from our “water” group last night. Music is “Winterlake” by Nick Box and “Snowfall” by Gideon Matthew.

Contemplative Photography – Water
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