Holy Week – Tuesday

Before Scout and I went out this morning, I thought it was supposed to be a clear-ish morning and that there would be a chance of a really colorful sunrise.  Unfortunately, as we got to the lake, everything was clouded over.  I was disappointed but that’s how life is sometimes.  However, as we got about halfway through, we started walking south so the western sky was on our left.  I looked over and there was this small break in the clouds through which the rising sun was shining out.  It wasn’t for long but it sure was beautiful.  

By that time, I hadn’t re-read the prayer from yesterday but I remembered there was some line about a surprise.  I pulled it up and read it quietly aloud at that moment and came to these words:

At the last, O Love,
Interrupt again the inertia
Of a world gone mad
With vitriol and violence
Forming Your Holy renewal
With resurrection surprises
Too frequent to deny
And too beautiful to ignore.

Rev. David Long-Higgins

Resurrection surprises too frequent to deny and too beautiful to ignore.  I know that, in this season, we’re not at the story of the resurrection yet, but the moments and signs are pointing in that direction.  There are glimpses of what is to come.  Just as this morning, there was this glimpse of the new day’s beginning and a resurrection surprise that was too beautiful to ignore. 

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