Holy Week – Wednesday

Last night, one of my kids got on the treadmill in the basement and as soon as he started running, we heard this WHUMP WHUMP WHUMP noise.  Not normal and not good.  We stopped the treadmill only to see that the belt had somehow slipped to the side and a tear had emerged .  The torn piece was poking up and hitting a plastic piece each time it went around (and getting worse likely each time).  So, there goes the treadmill for a little bit until we get the belt replaced (which is on its way).  

But that little tear messed with my routine of running three or so miles each morning.  It is a detour in my regular practice.  But it led me to a different series of practices this morning and each morning coming up (at least until the treadmill is fixed).  But I could have used this as an excuse to just skip that kind of hard exercise that I need each day.  I am grateful I did not take that easy way out.  

But what about the other “torn treadmill belts” that come into our lives?  The ones that give us excuses to take our eyes off ofJesus, to take the shortcuts or the easy way out?  They’re all around us – they are ones we create and ones that are simply present in the world.  This week’s prayer speaks beautifully to this when it asks for God’s help in “[letting] us die to all the detours of our own designs and distractions.”  It then turns our hearts toward the promise that God will hold us no matter how hard it is to stay on the path.  

Yes, Love,
Let me die to all the detours.
Of my own design and distraction
Trusting You will hold me
In life and death
And life beyond death
No matter the pressure
Or pain of the present moment.

Rev. David Long-Higgins

As we move into the final days of Lent, this is a reminder for me to keep taking each step of faith after another each day.  Keep up the practices and the disciplines.  Keep on keeping my eyes on Jesus.  

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