Impossible Possibilities

Goodness, I so needed these words and this moment.  

We are beginning a week of craziness today with family coming into town, graduations for two of our kids, and all the usual end of school / beginning of summer things.  Oh and there’s the normal things of life and ministry that are mixed in there.  Even as I write this, I can feel my eyes being drawn to the reminders app on my phone…  

I came across this moment last Friday as I was walking Scout and I was just mesmerized by the spinning leaf being held by an invisible spider web and just dancing in the nearly imperceptible breeze.  I just stood there and watched for some period of time before I decided to pull out my phone and try to video it to share with others (video at bottom of the post).  And then David’s words this morning spoke to me as I walked that same path this morning and my head was filled with the “call(s) of the many” as the prayer speaks of.  I had forgotten that God is ready to break open every hard place too heavy for me alone to open.  

So, I go back to this moment and I share this video and share David’s words in prayer that they both speak to you and give you a pause to simply rest in the impossible possibilities that God is always bringing about.  

Loving God,
Let today be the day
I turn to You in everything
Before I get so involved
In the call of the many
I forget You are ready
To break open
Every hard place
Too heavy for me
Alone to open.

O Love,
Let today be the day
I trust your love more
Than fear’s persistent voice
Closing me down before
Your grace can lift me up.

O Love,
Let today be the day
I pause in praise
Of birdsong and sunrise
And all things life
In a world bent on hate
And fear and death.

O Love,
Let today be the day
Your Word shapes
My words in conversation
And songs I don’t yet know
But trust you will provide.

O Love,
Let today be the day
Something of this little life
May bear something of You
For the good of others
Letting ego go to rest
In its proper place.

O Love,
Let today be the day
Courage grows in me
Born of Your love
Drawing me out for work
Always too large for me
To do alone.

O Love,
Let today be the day
I entrust the smallest things
To your promised embrace
Releasing also larger things
I cannot carry on my own.

Yes, Love,
Let today be the day
Something beautiful blossoms
In unexpected impossible places.

Impossible Possibilities, A Prayer for Today – By Rev. David-Long Higgins

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