Bible in a Year – Acts 1-6 – Connected

I know I posted this photo a few days ago but it came back to me as I have been reading in Acts this week.  Several times throughout the first 5-6 chapters there are passages about the ways that the early believers were connected to one another, the ways that they shared amongst one another, the ways they prayed together, served together, ate together, and simply were together.  Even the passage about when people were being forgotten, the church’s response was how to get reconnected by commissioning Stephen and others to be those who would serve the widows.  

This spiderweb reminds me of an ice-breaker that I love to do with groups.  It involves answering a series of questions as we throw a ball of yarn around the circle to the point that, after we have each answered 2-3 questions, we have created a web that is hard to untangle.  It is a web that, as we are each still holding onto the yarn, that when one pulls it affects the rest.  When one drops their yarn, it affects the whole.  

Paul also later wrote about this in 1 Corinthians when he shared of how each part of the body is necessary for the whole.  When one suffers, all suffer.  When one rejoices, all rejoice.  

I really feel that this is maybe one of the most vital things for us to remember right now with the disconnections that we are experiencing.  The church can  and must provide this witness.  

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