Little Things

This has been a week of big things but the thing that I am reflecting on as Friday comes to a close are little things.  

This week, I worked for the first few days in Western Kentucky on tornado relief work following the devastating tornado in December of last year.  When I got back, I had several days off where I was working on repainting our living room and dining room.  Those were the big things.    But it was today’s little things that really spoke to me.  I had finished the painting for the most part on Thursday but as I started taking the blue tape off, I noticed areas where the tape had covered too much and small lines of the old paint showed through.  So, this morning was spent with a tiny brush with gentle lines to hide the old paint.  

What kept stirring for me as I made those gentle strokes is that God cares about the little things as well.  It is easy as we try to follow the way of Jesus to just be focused on the big things.  The major areas we need to change in our lives or the big things that need to happen in our faith communities.  But the little things matter just as much or maybe even more.  Those little things may be parts of our lives that no one else sees but us and God.  

I was listening to a podcast later in the day where part of the conversation was how we, as the church, are so focused on the big things – the big problems, the big changes, the big churches, the big everything.  But, in doing so, we are missing so many of the little things that add up.  The conversation also led to how, when we miss the little things, the big things eventually fall apart.

The little things matter.  

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