An Invitation to Contemplative Photography – October-November

Good afternoon friends, I wanted to invite you to the next session I will be leading of contemplative photography at The Hive in Cincinnati. “Wait! I don’t live anywhere near Cincinnati.” Well, no matter…it is via Zoom so wherever you may be…you can join in.

This will be a five week session that we are entitling “Deep Truth in the Basics.” Over the series of sessions, we will explore the deep truth that we can see in photography basics such as focus, aperture, shutter, and framing. So, there will be a bit of photographic technique but it will be more focused (pun intended) on the deeper spiritual truths that we can gather from them.

Each session will combine some reflections from me, sharing of our photographs from the week before, and practices to help us slow down, see more, and go deeper.

You don’t have to have fancy equipment to participate or feel you are an expert photographer. All you need is some kind of camera (phone, point-and-shoot, DSLR) and a willingness and a heart to go deep.

We will meet on Tuesday nights starting October 4 and will go through November 12. Two weeks in there (October 25 and November 1) we will not meet as I’ll be out of town.

You can find more information about The Hive right here or register at the link below. The full session for non-members of The Hive is $129. Assistance is available if the cost is a challenge.

Register for Contemplative Photography: Deep Truth in the Basics

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