Announcement #2 – Advent Devotional

I know I said the second announcement would be yesterday but I kind of got distracted yesterday and just getting back to it now. I wanted to share that I am in the process of writing a devotional for Advent this year and it will be ready by mid-November. It is going to be based on a four fold action of prayer inspired by the wisdom of one of the wisest women of church history, Julian of Norwich. Each week will center upon one of the four themes of Advent – Hope, Peace, Love, and Joy – and will have photographic and written reflections tied to these actions of prayer. 

  • Await – hands cupped at the midsection awaiting God’s work
  • Allow – hands upraised allowing ourselves to be open to God
  • Accept – Hands at heart holding what God has brought
  • Attend – Hands reached out to the sides with a willingness to embrace and welcome what God is doing. 

The devotional will be available to download as PDF (pay as you wish) or purchase of printed copies via I will be sharing a sample in the next week or so for you to get a sense of what is being created. I am grateful for the help of Michele Wright who will be doing the layout and design. 

(Please note – the purchase aspect of this does not apply to folks from Christ Church – they are going to be a part of our Advent together in our community). 

I hope it is a blessing to you. 

Grace, Peace, Love, and Joy,

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