The Mystery of Why Things Happen

I am sure there’s an explanation for this but sometimes something happens that I just wonder, “how did that happen?”  Yesterday was one of those times.  I had just gotten back to my car (ironically in this case a Nissan Leaf) and as I went to open the door for Scout to climb in, I noticed this yellow leaf hanging from the front door.  But as I looked closer, it wasn’t that it was stuck in the door but instead somehow got stuck in the undercarriage of the car at some point.  As I looked closer, the stem was wedged up in this tiny spot under there.  For that to happen…I’m not sure what had to happen.  

Again, I am sure there’s an explanation for it but I prefer to simply enjoy the wonder and the accidental beauty of it.  Carrie Newcomer posted on her blog today about one of her songs “Leaves Don’t Drop, They Just Let Go” and that’s what got me thinking about this.  In this case, the leaf just wanted to hang on and go for a ride.  

So, the thing here for me is simply to enjoy the wonder and the mystery.  

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