An Active Advent Devotional

Friends, I shared a few weeks back about the Advent Devotional I was crafting (with the help of an awesome designer and an awesome editor) and it is nearly finished! We’re just doing a few more proofings, etc. I have loved writing this and I hope it speaks to you.

While we’re getting it finished, I wanted to give you a preview of the devotional. Here is a PDF of the first three days of Advent along with the introduction.

The devotional draws from the wisdom of Julian of Norwich and incorporates a physical form of prayer attributed to Julian. The traditional themes of Hope, Peace, Love, and Joy form the weeks of Advent.

The devotional will be available in several different ways:

  • Paperback – Final cost is still TBD but approximately $20 via
  • Downloadable PDF – Again, final cost still TBD but apx $5 via
  • Online – Via my substack, you can subscribe for November and December for the images and writings along with a video of the devotion as well.

Christ Church Ft Thomas folks – please note that the above does not apply to you. You will receive printed devotional books on Nov 20 and the weeks after.

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