Advent – One Week Away

I shared in more detail about this about ten days ago but now that we are a week away from Advent, I once again wanted to invite you to participate in Advent through the photographic devotional I have crafted for the season ahead. I was deeply moved as I crafted the daily reflections and I pray they will speak deeply to you. For fuller details of the devotional, you can click here for my previous post. 

There are several ways to receive the devotional:

  • Subscribe for November and December to my substack page by clicking here and using the Subscribe button. Starting on November 27, each day during Advent you will receive an email with the photo, the reflection, and an audio/video sharing of the day’s devotional.
  • Downloadable PDF – This is best viewed on a screen but can be printed for personal use as well. You can purchase it for $4.99 by using this link.
  • Softcover Book – Available for $19.99 through, this is a softcover version of the devotional. Unfortunately, unless you use express shipping, it will not arrive by November 27. However, if you purchase a print copy, I will send you a PDF copy for free as well. You can order the softcover using this link. (Also, you can currently use coupon code BOOKWORLD at blurb for 10% off)

May you be blessed through this Advent season ahead. 

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