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Non Imago Post – Broncos

As I noted in the post that deals with things of far greater significance than a football game…as a Broncos fan I am a pretty happy camper today. What was really fun about last night for me though was not just the game and its […]

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Gratitude 13 – Together

Tonight, I read the news about the attacks in Paris. I am saddened, horrified, and heart-broken over the evil that we have witnessed in Paris. At the same time, it was the first night back for our oldest children from their days away at school […]

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Gratitude 12 – One-on-one

Several years ago when my wife shared the surprising news that we were having another child, one of my first comments was, “Well, we’re going to need to move from man-to-man to zone.” Nothing like a sports analogy to clear things up. The last few […]

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