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Imago Scriptura 44 – Whisper

Reading yesterday’s passage from 1 King’s 19-20, I thought of myself and my experience the last several years. We read in 1 Kings 19 of Elijah fleeing the attacks and persecution of King Ahab. In 19:10, Elijah responds to the Lord with this, “I have […]

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Gratitude 27 – Inexhaustible

Today – I am thankful for inexhaustible beauty. Today I’ve seen examples of this in parents playing with their young children, beautiful reflections in a building’s window, and in the sunset that I saw tonight. I am grateful that there is an inexhaustible amount of […]

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Gratitude 26 – Blinding

Gratitude 26 – Bright I have written a lot recently about finding God in the everyday, in the simple, in the things that we need to be looking for lest we miss them. I also wrote yesterday about the curiosity of wondering what was beyond […]

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Gratitude 24 – Fleetingly Ordinary

I went for an early walk this morning and was enjoying the crisp air and the sun reflecting on the frost covered surfaces. But this one surface made me stop. At first glance it’s just an ordinary guardrail that’s gotten fairly rusty over time. But […]

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Gratitude 23 – Gratitude

One of the really fun things that has happened over the last month is the responses I have received from friends and family about gratitude. I have received some wonderful feedback from people on social media and in person, from family members who follow what […]

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Gratitude 22 – Peanuts

Before the kids went to youth group tonight, we did our annual viewing of A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving. I’ve watched it pretty much every year that I can remember as has My wife and the kids. Yet we always laugh at the same parts – […]

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Gratitude 21 – Movies

Our family movie night last night was watching Wall-E – a movie that I truly never get tired of watching. I adore the film and especially the two scenes of Wall-E touching the rings of Saturn and then him and Eva “dancing” outside the Axiom. […]

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