My Portfolio

Print, Layout, and Design

January 2020 Elder Symposium – I created two different versions for symposium.  Rev. Tate’s email noted that a specific theme had not been selected so I went with one theme of Cultivated Ministry and the other tied in with the 2020 National Gathering.  Color and B&W versions are below along with links to the Mailchimp publicity emails. (All in PDF format)

Christ Church Email Newsletters
These are a few of my weekly emails I sent to the congregation. We use Emma for our email messages.
By Faith – August 9, 2019
Handprints – August 7, 2019
Coasters – July 23, 2019
Psalms – June 18, 2019

Book Layout and Design
Extra-Ordinary Love – This was a book that my wife and I (along with several others) created to explore the Belhar Confession with congregations. I did the layout and design using’s freeform applicaiton.

Imago Adventus – Working jointly with a South Dakota colleague, we created this photographic Advent devotional for our two congregations. Similar to the above, I did the full layout and design. The photography was both mine and Cathy Newcomb’s.

Bridging the Gap (DMin Thesis)My DMin thesis (UDTS) was the creation of a full-semester course on how to effectively use multimedia in preaching.  I wrote it in 2007 and would likely have different content today as much has changed in the last twelve years.

Imago Scriptura – My personal photography and Scriptural reflections page. I post on this usually several times per week and have been doing this consistently since 2014.

Christ Church UCC (Fort Thomas, Kentucky)- This is the site of the church where I am serving as interim/designated pastor. The site was recently updated and I continue to work with staff and others on content. I did the layout and design working with several in the congregation on a theme that seemed to fit our congregation.

TEAMWorks! – This is a site I am putting together for an after school program at the church where my wife serves as pastor.  It is in very early stages but the overall layout is there but content is not as yet.

The Presbyterian Church of Wyoming (Wyoming, Ohio) – I served PCW for nine years (2008-2018). The church website when I started was a very difficult site to work with and we switched over to WordPress in 2016 to enable more to have a wider team working on the site. The current theme is the one that we worked on when I was serving there but I understand that they are working to move to a new site in their pastor search.

I also led the updating of the website for the first congregation I served – First Presbyterian Church in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. They have switched over to a new site, however, and the old site is only accessible as a snapshot from 2010 here.


Montage of pieces from Rocky (with and without soundtrack), Les Miserables, and Hamilton
This video was used in separate pieces during a sermon on Psalm 40 – the power of singing a new song.  The sermon ended with (of course), U2’s “40.”
This video was used along with live music in worship when we were focusing on the willingness of a community to be willing to lament with each other.

Men’s Retreat 2017 – This video was created at PCW’s Men’s Retreat on the theme of “moving into the holy wild” using a song recorded by one of the men on the retreat and using photographs taken from the weekend.

God’s Word – This was used as part of a sermon series focusing on the centrality of God’s Word for our lives. A bit of a throwback using Amy Grant’s “Thy Word.”

Hold On To Jesus – Simple video using Rich Mullins’ “Hold Onto Jesus” to close a sermon.

My Imago Scriptura blog is a primary place to see my photography work. My photography has very much become a core part of my ministry work. I regularly print out pictures that I use to communicate aspects of pastoral care and concern and my photography often is a core part of my preaching. I also tend to use my photography for design work in the church when working with our staff rather than pulling from online sources (paid sites, Creative Commons, and free-to-use).

I also am regularly leading groups at a spirituality center in Cincinnati called the Hive. These groups are focused on the practice of Contemplative Photography.