Psalm 2 – Shelter

There’s obviously a lot in this Psalm – The majority of it is speaking of the futility of the kings of the earth seeking to go against the Lord and the Lord’s plans. But as I read it this morning and have been thinking about […]

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Psalm 1 – Dandelions

It’s time to return to the Psalms. It feels like a time that I need to be sure that there is a song of the Lord spoken to my heart each day. I’m going to try to avoid just repeating what I shared last time […]

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God’s Flow

We have gotten a ton of rain the last few weeks. Its been raining pretty much non-stop the last few days especially and it feels more like a cold rainy time in the late fall or winter rather than early Spring. Anyway, I was on […]

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To Forgive and to Fight

  This past weekend, my family and I went to the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center here in Cincinnati.  It is a powerful exploration of the cost of freeing and the cost of freedom.  It goes into the past but also looks at the present […]

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My Emmaus Road

I know this is a similar picture to what I posted the other day but something about this path just really continues to speak to me. I had the Sunday off today (Yahoo!!!! – grateful for a wonderful associate pastor!) and our family went out […]


A Junk Drawer of Inspiration

I have a love/hate relationship with our junk drawer.  I know its pretty much a reality of life – that one drawer where stuff just gets piled in – tissue packs, lighters, cables, Carmex, multitool, a golf ball, a tape measure and the list goes […]

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