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Psalm 21 – Rise Up

Its been nearly 2 weeks since I wrote about Psalm 20 and each day since that time, I’ve been reading Psalm 21 and wasn’t finding something that just connected with it. Its not that there isn’t powerful stuff in Psalm 21, but just wasn’t finding […]

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Psalm 19 – First Light

Right about this time of year 24 years ago, I was returning from a mission period in Central America where this Psalm was one that just kept coming up over and over again.  I ended up taking a picture of a sunrise over the ocean […]


Psalm 15 – More Chalk

A few weeks ago I wrote about a disturbing message I saw written on a sidewalk. I am grateful to have seen something else written that was not an attack on someone but instead reflected beauty and joy.  Psalm 15 is one that focuses on […]

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Psalm 14 – Proof

Psalm 14 starts out… Fools say to themselves, “There is no God.” I don’t know if I can make the same statement. There are a lot of understandable reasons that people can say that there is no God or god or gods or divine being(s) […]

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Psalm 8 – Magnificient

I read this Psalm early this morning and what I decided to do through the day was to look for a bunch of things that spoke to the magnificence of God coming out of the last verse of this Psalm – O Lord, our Lord,how […]

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Psalm 2 – Shelter

There’s obviously a lot in this Psalm – The majority of it is speaking of the futility of the kings of the earth seeking to go against the Lord and the Lord’s plans. But as I read it this morning and have been thinking about […]

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