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Imago Gospels – 49 – Stopping

Luke 10 I am a Martha a lot of the time. I want to be active, doing things, checking off to-do lists, making sure that things are running right, and so forth. I can be a Mary at times and sit at Jesus’ feet and […]

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Imago Gospels – 47 – Jar

Luke 8 This is one of the souvenirs that we brought back from South Africa. Its not that complicated – just a glass jar with a solar panel on top with lights underneath. The latch on the side of the jar is what activates the […]

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Imago Gospels – 46 – U2

Luke 7 Ok, full disclosure. I wanted to find a way to talk about the U2 concert in Chicago so there might be a few theological leaps here, but hear me out. As the band finished their first set last night of the amazing concert, […]

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Imago Gospels – 45 – No Moderation

Luke 6 In the weeks leading up to our trip to South Africa, we read about the horrific attacks that took place in Johannesburg and in Durban toward foreigners. They were referred to as xenophobic attacks as they were attributed to frustration and anger lashing […]

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Imago Gospels – 42 – Water

Luke 3 I love accidental pictures. Sometimes they are immediately deleted, but sometimes you get something that is just unique. This is one of my accidental pictures form our trip. We were on the ferry from Robben Island and I was getting some shots of […]

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Imago Gospels – 40 – Giving

Luke 1 One of our game guides while we were in Kruger was named Shadrach. He was one of our favorites. He was engaging, fun, and was very experienced in guiding. He helped us to have some wonderful experiences while in Kruger. One phrase that […]

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