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Psalm 18 – Marks

The longest Psalm so far in the book – 50 verses that feel like David just riffing on all the ways that God has provided for him. I have to admit that some of the language (destroying others, etc) makes me more than a bit […]

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Psalm 11 – Shelter

We have finally come to a day without a lot of rain.  Its been a really rainy Spring (the number of times I’ve had to mow the lawn reminds me of that) so there have been LOTS of days when I’ve needed to bring my […]

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Psalm 10 – Speed

This past weekend, I took my boys to Indianapolis for one of the practice/qualifying dates at the Indy 500.  It was awesome to hear and feel the sound and power of the cars as they flew by on the track.  I also, of course, was […]

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Psalm 5 – Enough

Julian of Norwich prayed, “God, of your goodness, give me yourself, for you are enough for me. I may ask nothing less that is fully to your worship, and if I do ask anything less, ever shall I be in want. Only in you I […]

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Psalm 4 – Wide Open

I’m an open space person. Growing up surrounded not by thick woods, but by open space, I have it in my bones to find spaces where I can take in huge vistas. They are soul renewing for me. So when I read the NET translation of […]

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Wait for the Lord 04 – Set us Free

I have used this statue more than a few times in my pictures but it seemed especially appropriate tonight. Nouwen’s devotion is a “positive” one – looking back on the memory of Christ’s birth enables us to look forward to the progress of the fulfillment […]

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Gratitude 11 – Fog

I love foggy mornings. So, this morning when I woke up, I was so excited to see the thick fog outside. It was still dark when I looked outside and saw the beautiful glow of the streetlights through the fog. It was beautiful this morning. […]

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Psalm Photos – 07

This picture may seem like a bit odd for the Psalm for today, but I read this Psalm as an already but not yet type of message. An already in that the Psalmist acknowledges that God is his shield, his protector, and offers up his […]

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Psalm Photos – 05

This Psalm speaks to me in a very real way this day.  So thankful for these words. Thankful for the God who is so beautifully represented in this painting that I have kept for a long time.  So thankful for a dear friend who walked […]

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