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Non Imago Post – Broncos

As I noted in the post that deals with things of far greater significance than a football game…as a Broncos fan I am a pretty happy camper today. What was really fun about last night for me though was not just the game and its […]

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Gratitude 04 – Two Years

Two years ago today, I sat down in a conference room in Davidson, North Carolina and began a period that has transformed my life. The week I spent in Davidson two years ago was not the change itself, but the spark that ignited and began […]

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Gratitude 03 – Voting

Today’s gratitude is about the country that I live in. While the “Big” election isn’t until a year from now (which given the campaigning that we will be experiencing the next 12 months will feel much longer than that), we had a few things to […]

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I walked home late this morning to get some lunch only to find that the power was out for our chunk of town. I walked into the house to find that the loaf of bread that I set up to be finished when I was […]

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Imago Gospels – Spider

It hard to believe that 84 days, 31,220 miles (by air, car, and boat), and nearly 4,000 pictures later, my sabbatical is nearly finished. Tomorrow is the last day before heading back to real-life on Tuesday. The realities of what I and my family have […]


Imago Gospels – 24 – Shark

Matthew 28 Ok – so you may be thinking…what the ____ does a shark have to do with the resurrection appearance of Jesus? Well…hear me out…First, this is a pic I took this morning as we were shark cage diving in South Africa. If you […]

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Just Watching 9 – Habitat

Just Watching 9 – Habitat I am thankful for the inspiration of one dear friend of ours – Denny was (still is) a builder from where we used to live who helped us to finish out our first basement. He was incredibly generous with his […]

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